Texas man facing several felony drug charges

Texas man facing several felony drug charges

| Mar 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

A man residing in another part of Texas is facing multiple felony charges after police allegedly tied him to a major drug operation.

Police said that they discovered almost 250 pounds of marijuana at the man’s residence, as well as other unlawful products that contain THC. They also found several guns, Oxycodone and over $85,000.

The police had come to the man’s home to execute arrest warrants for a prior incident. The warrants were for misdemeanor offenses.

After the arrest, police obtained another search warrant to search a storage unit and found another 100 pounds of marijuana stuffed in duffel bags.

The man’s most serious drug charge comes with the possibility of a life sentence in jail.  At a minimum, the man will have to serve 5 years of prison time. Parole may be a possibility for the man. He also faces a fine of up to $10,000 alone.

It is important to note that his other charges, including a charge of money laundering and charges related to his possession of a large amount of marijuana, are also felony offenses and could increase his prison term by years.

The police’s conduct is often a key question in drug cases

Police say that they are continuing their investigation, but what they have done to this point will need to be examined carefully by the man’s defense attorney. As with any case, police must follow all laws that apply to them and respect the constitutional rights of suspects.

It will be important to know the circumstances surrounding the man’s arrest at his home, even though the police had misdemeanor warrants for the man’s arrest.

If it turns out that police did not follow the rules, then some or all of the evidence they found may be inadmissible in a criminal case.