How often are commercial truck drivers responsible for accidents?

How often are commercial truck drivers responsible for accidents?

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Many commercial vehicles are on the roads each day in Texas. They play a vital role in ensuring that various products arrive at their destinations. These destinations could be locations where consumers are able to purchase them or could be to businesses who need the products to complete production of their own products. While they are vital to the economy overall, the large trucks used to transport these products pose a danger to others on the roads when they are not driven correctly.

It is important that truck drivers pay attention and follow all rules and regulations when they are driving. As the trucks are so much larger than the other vehicles on the roads, they can cause significant damage and injuries when they collide with other vehicles. There are many different reasons that truck accidents occur and many of them are the fault of the truck drivers.

Common reasons truck drivers are at fault

In a study spanning approximately two and a half years, it was found that truck drivers were responsible for causing approximately 68,000 truck accidents. Of those accidents the most common reason for the accident was the decision making of the driver, which accounted for approximately 30,000 accidents. The decision could be driving too fast for the conditions, following too closely to other vehicles and others.

The next most common cause was recognition which accounted for about 22,000 accidents. This could be that the driver was distracted or inattentive. The other leading causes were non-performance (9,000 accidents) and performance (7,000 accidents). Non-performance could be falling asleep or a medical emergency and performance issues could be the driver panicked or overcompensated for something.

Unfortunately, there are many victims of truck accidents in Texas. The victims can be left in difficult physical and financial situations after the accident. However, they may be entitled to compensation for the financial difficulties, if the truck driver is at fault. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these accidents can be and may be able to help one receive what they deserve.