Beaumont trafficking bust

Beaumont trafficking bust

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We often think of our area as a sleepy town where we know our neighbors and crime is not an issue. This is often why some from larger cities move here. However, several locals have been caught up in a Beaumont human trafficking bust that caught over 21 people from both Texas and Louisiana.

The arrests and charges

According to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and Beaumont Police, the arrests were as a result of a two-day joint operation that targeting those seeking paid-for sex. The 21 men that were arrested allegedly solicited sexual relations from minors and adults, but the investigation is ongoing. These charges include prostitution (class A misdemeanor) and prostitution under age 18 (second degree felony).

The consequences

Be charged with a crime is never easy, but being charged with a sex crime is especially harrowing as the charges alone can destroy one’s life and job opportunities. After all, any job that has any contact with children will ultimately be hard or impossible to attain because potential employers will find these charges after a simple Google search. Even dating becomes much more complicated because of these search results because people often do read on or care that one was eventually acquitted or the charges were dropped.

What can those charged do?

This is why it is so important to craft a strong criminal defense immediately. The entire weight of the criminal justice system is upon those charged, and only through a strong criminal defense can one hope to win. But, contacting a Beaumont, Texas, attorney is the first step to getting one’s life back, including expunging records, when able.