Construction site accidents are unfortunately common

Construction site accidents are unfortunately common

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Construction workers serve an important function in the growth and prosperity of communities throughout the United States. Their work creates new business structures and homes and repairs existing buildings in need of help. In Texas, construction zones are a common sight in small and large communities.

With the prevalence of construction projects, however, comes an unfortunate side effect: a high rate of injuries among construction workers. Data provided by the Department of Labor estimates that 4 out of every 100 construction workers gets hurt on the job every year.

Many construction accidents and injuries fall into several common categories. This post will introduce some of those categories and suggest options workers have when they harmed on construction sites. No part of this post should be read as legal counsel or advice.

Common construction site accidents resulting in injuries

One of the most common ways that individuals are hurt on construction sites is through falls. Workers fall from trips over equipment and from heights off scaffolding and elevated surfaces. A variation of this category of injury is falling equipment. It involves workers getting hurt by items falling on them while on construction sites.

Equipment accidents are another way that workers suffer injuries on construction sites. Equipment accidents can include:

  • Injuries from defective equipment
  • Accidents involving driven equipment
  • Crushing accidents from workers being crushed or pinned by equipment.

Other categories of construction site accidents include burns, explosions, building collapse accidents, and repeated motion and exertion injuries.

What to do after a construction site accident

It is important that injured construction workers get medical help as soon as practical after sustaining harm at work. They should report their injuries to their employers and should document the witnesses and circumstances to their accidents. Depending on the facts of their claims, they may have options for seeking compensation for their injuries. Their personal injury attorneys can help them choose what legal paths to follow to serve their interests and needs.