Drunk driving prevention methods

Drunk driving prevention methods

| Jul 15, 2020 | Firm News

The state of Texas has earned the unfortunate distinction of leading the nation in traffic fatalities that involve one or more drivers who are intoxicated. In fact, 30% of the traffic fatalities that occur in the state can be attributed to the use of alcohol.

The excessive number of DUI accidents in the state has been met with a tough response from politicians and law enforcement personnel alike. While harsh consequences are often sufficient reason for people to think before they act, legal punishments alone are not enough to eliminate the threat posed by drunk drivers.

Perhaps the best way to mitigate the threat that drunk drivers present is to prevent drivers from operating their cars after drinking alcohol in the first place. One method used to accomplish this goal is public education regarding the dangers of drunk driving. The increased awareness this education provides may result in better decision-making from the public, which could save lives on the road.

A precaution that has proven useful with people who have already been convicted of one or more drunk driving offenses is the installation of an ignition interlock system. This system will prevent the driver from starting and operating the motor vehicle unless sober enough to do so.

None of these methods will completely prevent drunk driving nor the accidents that sometimes occur when an impaired person takes the road. However, the combined efforts of everyone concerned with the problems caused by drunk drivers in the state can significantly lower the number of DUI accidents. In the process, a number of serious injuries will be avoided.

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol in Texas is a threat to public safety and may result in serious legal consequences. Individuals accused of DUI may want to speak to an attorney with experience in these matters about how to proceed.